Allegion Canada: Social Media Coordination

During my time as Community Manager at Allegion Canada, I managed their residential and commercial social media channels. Below, you will see examples of posts I created or reposted on the Schlage Canada Instagram account. (Schlage Canada is the name of Allegion Canada’s residential brand.) Some of these posts included partnership posts with Mike Holmes’ Make It Right brand, general promotional posts for our residential brands and sponsored posts with home decor bloggers like Home Made Lovely and DIY passion.

I am particularly proud of the sponsored posts, as I saw a need for our Canadian business to strengthen our connection and brand credibility with home decor bloggers across Canada. I created a Blogger/Influencer Strategy, and connected with technological and home decor bloggers all across Canada. I managed to collaborate with about 12 bloggers prior to leaving the company. The initiative still continues to grow with bloggers that I sourced for the company, as well as new influencers being added to the mix. Each blogger agreed to create a post about our products and promote our brand on their social media, in exchange for payment or free product.

Below is a picture of a Schlage US representative, Mike Holmes, Sherry Holmes, a Schlage Canada representative and myself.

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