Allegion Canada: Work Samples

During my contract at Allegion Canada, I leveraged social media monitoring tools, sharing relevant digital trends and business insights to businesses and consumers across Canada, to build brand awareness, credibility and reputation and to influence buyer intent.

I identified an opportunity for blogger collaboration with the brand. In response, I jump-started a stalled blogger initiative, sourcing professional English and French bloggers nationwide to promote brand ambassadorship on their respective platforms, including a television feature on CTV Ottawa Morning Live.

One project I was particularly proud of was the initiation of a monthly bilingual Community Podcast and Newsletter to impact 150 employees across Canada. It was endorsed by the VP of Sales as the new standard for engaging field-based employees nation-wide.

Within the Allegion Canada Category, you will find samples from my Allegion Community News project. I would use audio clips, audio transcripts and newsletters as part of an employee engagement initiative. I saw an opportunity to introduce the wins and achievements of each department, promote our company values and share information on upcoming initiatives.

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